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Meet Titanfall 2's New Titans

March of the mechs

Respawn has rolled out its entire titan roster for Titanfall 2 [official site], giving us a look at all six mechs in action in a new trailer. It looks like there's something there for everyone, as all of the giant, stompy robots have unique abilities and weapons to cater to individual play-styles. There are jet-packs, ample lasers, and raw fire, to name just a few of the toys you'll get to play with. Let's take a look!

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First on the docket is Legion, who wields a Predator Cannon (something like a gatling gun) to sweep through the frontlines. Legion can knock back enemies to provide some crowd control, or fire a shield from his gun for some extra protection.

Ronin, who was revealed back in Titanfall 2's first trailer, wields a hefty sword that can generate electric waves. He's swift and scary, able to phase out around the field, sweeping in for a sneak-attack with little warning. He is also the coolest of all of the titans. It's true.

Northstar is a flying sniper that specializes in picking off enemies behind cover. She has traps at her disposal to hold enemies in place while she snipes from afar. Failing that, she also has cluster missiles that can stir up some damage.

Ion's got lasers, so I bet he's pretty good, too. He is equipped with a shoulder-mounted laser, or, to spice things up, why not make use of his laser core, a massive laser beam fired from his chest damaging all in his direct path.

Scorch launches fire from his T-203 Thermite Launcher, setting anything that opposes him ablaze. He can set gas traps triggered by fire, or roll a firewall across the ground to sweep out enemies.

The trailer saved Tone for last, and she's quite a force to be reckoned with. She locks onto enemies with her 40mm Tracker Cannon, firing explosive rounds or rocket salvos at unlucky foe.

Phew. That's quite a list, but it's a good mix to play around with. It should be fun to test them all out and see which fits you best. Titanfall 2 is out October 28 on Origin for £49.99/59,99€/$59.99.

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