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Mega Man 11 zaps, bounds and powers up on PC today


You wait literally decades for a decent Mega Man PC port - now the new and shiny Mega Man 11 is out, capping off a nineteen game streak of platform shooters featuring Capcom's iconic Blue Bomber, assuming you're counting the Legacy Collections. The first main-line Mega Man game since 2010, this one offers familiar platforming with a modern cel-shaded 3D look and some new options to ease players unused to 'NES hard' games into the fun. Oh, and bullet time - check out the launch trailer below.

Mega Man 11 doesn't fix what isn't broken. You've still got your choice of eight initial stages with their own bosses, each of which provides you with a handy new weapon. There's cute little enemies in invincible construction helmets, Dr Wily planning nefarious robo-crimes and only one little blue robot boy who can save the day. Still, it has some new ideas, biggest is the Double Gear system - you overheat Mega Man to either boost your speed (bullet time), increase firepower or activate a once-a-level super boost, best used to stylishly finish off bosses.

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While I've yet to play this and probably won't get round to it this weekend - my backlog is the stuff of legend - word from my Mega Man fan-pals is that Capcom have nailed it. They've experimented and fumbled with the series before (see the later Mega Man X games), but this one looks to have that elusive blend of tricky platforming, clever enemy placement and multiple solutions to each shooty-jumpy sequence. It should even be accessible to newcomers, thanks to an upgrade system and an easy mode with fewer deathtraps. Plus a harder mode for mad folk.

It seems like Capcom have finally redeemed themselves on PC, but let us never forget their original sin - the hell that was Mega Man for DOS.

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Mega Man 11 is out now on Steam and Humble for £25/€30/$30.

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