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An adorably blocky Mega Man visits Monster Hunter: World this week


If you're a bad person, you dress your cat up for Halloween. If you're totally rad? You transmogrify your pet into Mega Man - it's fun for the whole family in Monster Hunter: World's next event. As listed on the official event page, this October 19th marks the arrival of the first silly crossover event for the PC Monster Hunter: World.  By fighting your way through a new event quest (a toughie, with a fun twist), you'll collect the parts required to transform your Palico into a goofy pseudo-8-bit Mega Man. Below, a clip of Mega Mog in action.

While coincidental, the timing of this event works even better on PC than it did on consoles - Mega Man 11 just launched, and the blue bomber hopefully has a few more fans. The heart of the Mega Man event is a new quest - "A Rush Of Blood" - named after Mega Man's big red (robot) dog friend. Unfortunately, the only big red dogs in Monster Hunter: World are Odogarons, and you've got to fight two at once. Fortunately one of them is only puppy sized, but even that one can hit like a truck. It's a tough fight, but win a few times and you'll be able to trade your cat in for a robot child.

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As an extra cute detail, your choice of weapon alters the music in the event quest. This kinda stuff is a taste of the things to come, with Street Fighter and Devil May Cry time-limited crossovers on the horizon, plus (eventually) the permanent arrival of Behemoth from Final Fantasy 14. All of this is mixed in with the regularly scheduled event quests and new monsters. I'm curious to see what Capcom plan on doing once we've exhausted all their console-made content for the game. Personally, I'm hoping for a G-Rank expansion - something I'd be willing to pay for - but time will tell.

The Mega Man crossover event begins on October 19th, just as the current Autumn Harvest Fest event ends, so get your levelling done fast if you want your Halloween goodies to stick. Want to see what else is coming up? Check out Dave's guide to the incoming monsters here.

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