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Memory of a Broken Dimension glitching into 2017

Eerie, glitchy

Memory of a Broken Dimension [official site] is slated to finally launch in 2017. We've been cooing over its corrupted digital world since ooh 2012 and I've almost been happy with Memories existing in that idea space, something pleasant-sounding always just over the horizon. That said, I'm wholly up for picking through a computer system analysing and exploring scanned worlds transmitted from... I don't even know where. Somewhere eerie and (hopefully?) empty.

Memories of Broken Dimension is built around the idea of satellite data beamed from somewhere strange. You investigate the wonked-out transmission it through a computer interface, which also includes visualisers to recreate scanned spaces.

Or at least that's what a prototype from 2012 was about. You'd tap commands into a command line, figuring out how the system works, then explore worlds built from corrupted data. The worlds are wonked but you can help recover and reform them by finding views where the shattered pieces reveal the true form. Think of the end-of-level puzzles from Californium. The glitched world always left me nervous about what was out of sight, what could be right behind me hiding in a smear of compression errors. Enjoyably creepy stuff.

I'm honestly not sure what the game is today, though it clearly still contains some of these ideas. You can still download the 2012 prototype free from Itch. I'd recommend it because it's great in itself, though obviously don't expect it to represent the finished game coming our way next year.

Creator 'xra' has steamed development on Twitch a bit. Alas, the latest trailer is only up on the game's Steam page so let's see if jacking that works.

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