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Spooky Computing: Memory of a Broken Dimension

The e-mail's coming from... INSIDE your computer!

We've all downloaded something weird from the Internet because the cool kids were doing it. That's one of the points of Rock, Paper, Shotgun, even. But with Memory of a Broken Dimension, you get an unsettling mystery. It's presented as an emulator for an old operating system, with strange programs you need to coax into life by tap-tappy-tapping in commands. It's also a first-person puzzle-platformer, exploring wonky fragmented scenes where it's not clear whether they're glitching out because of corrupted data or something sinister. It's an Internet ghost story, and it looks ace in a new trailer.

In the early build we played years ago, the OS side of puzzling used a little DOS knowledge to reconstruct scan data (but of where? and taken by whom?) then the 3D bits were about perspectives. The landscapes are all fragmented and impossible to pass, see, but can be pieced back together by viewing them from the correct angle. It was spooky and quite splendid. You can still play that old build on Windows and Mac, but bear in mind it's from a long time ago.

"Obviously the old build looks nothing like the new footage, I've always had large labyrinth-like environments in mind for the project, just hadn't gotten to it back then," creator xra explained in a thread on the game's shiny new Steam Greenlight page. He added, "I'm going to be using the console for more secret stuff, you can think of it almost like the ~ consoles in Quake engine games where you can possibly hack around with things. An example fitting with the game's fiction is renaming files of the RELICS OS... renaming executables can give new uses..."

Memory of a Broken Dimension is due some time in 2015.

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