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Merchant Of The Skies is a game about making money and befriending vegetables

I sense a terrible future in which you can harvest the carrot

After a hard day of work under capitalism, sometimes you just want to get home and become the capitalist yourself. Merchant Of The Skies will let you do that, but in a big boat off the ground, trading among the clouds. And also there are fish deities and singing carrots. You can get a taste of sailing that wide-open sky in the trailer below.

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It’s up to you what you spend your time doing up here: exploration, money-making, or hanging out with this clarinet-loving root vegetable. While the game’s in early access it doesn’t have a fixed goal for the player. Instead, the developers are seeing which of the smaller missions people prefer.

For me, clearing up that world map and poking around all of the different places within is definitely the draw. They might not all have quite such colourful characters as our carrot friend, but they do all look very cute. At least right now. Who knows whether the relentless need for growth will sap them of all their fruit and trees and other pretty little details. But I’d only have myself to blame.

Merchant Of The Skies is available via Steam Early Access now, and it’s still got its 10% launch discount for a few more days, putting it at £5.21/$7.19/€7.19 if you buy it before Tuesday, August 6th.

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