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Meta! The RPS Guessing Game

This would be the most self-indulgent post in the world (well, aside from when Kieron talks about his cartoon strips and Jim about his Eve book) if we'd made the game in question ourselves. Fortunately, we haven't, so it's merely one of the most self-indulgent posts in the world instead. And why not?

Reader Giblethead2000 works on a theory that it's possible to guess who's written any RPS post simply by reading it. He's right, of course - Hivemind we may be, but Gillen's are the ones full of basic grammatical errors, Jim's are the ones without jokes, John's are the ones about crying, and mine are the ones whining at absurd length about things that don't matter. Nonetheless, let's put it to the test with Giblethead's cunning clone of the site... Death of the author? More like guess the author...

It's essentially an exact replica of RPS, but all author names are removed - so it's up to you to guess who wrote what from the drop-down list of names. Easier if you've not read the site lately, naturally, or have an incredibly short-term memory. Points are awarded, prizes are not. Go play, then come back here to prove how much you love us in score-based form.

Oh, and if you're wondering about the delightful image at the top of this post - well, that's one of our two official t-shirts. They're great, they are. More details on those here. What? What? We're surely entitled to a spot of pimping to help fund this desperately under-monied place. While we're on the subject of the t-shirts, we're thinking of adding a third design at some point - kind submissions of fun/crazy/stylish designs are very welcome.

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