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RPS Tees: The Perfect Christmas Gift, For Yourself

Imagine if there were some way to tell the world that you regularly visit Rock, Paper, Shotgun, other than by shouting at people on the internet. A way to announce that, were it possible, you would gladly donate all your organs and blood to the proud, tired men who write this site. Unfortunately The RPS Blood-Eater 3000 is still in the design stages, but to make the wait a little easier, we do at last have some official t-shirts. Yes! Cloth and websites, together in close harmony.

If you cast your minds back to the turn of the century, you may recall we ran a compo for you lot to design some RPS shirts. Two of the many splendid entries to that contest are, as of today, now available in real t-shirt form, via popculture torso-cladding experts Splitreason.com. Depending on the uptake, we'll be looking to introduce further designs at some point, but for now please enjoy the most excellent work of Matt Breit (the orange, shotgunny one) and John Roberts (the black, hivemindy one):

Order 'em from here. There is no finer gift you could give yourself this holiday season. Including love. These are definitely better than love.

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