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Peeping Mission: Metal Gear Solid V First-Person Mod

A fair bit trickier

You and I, dear reader, we're not Big Boss. We can't sneak into heavily-fortified areas unseen, we can't carefully put hundreds of guards to sleep then vanish into the night, we can't foil pursuers by hiding inside cardboard boxes, and, as much as we might like doing it, we can't quite growl "Metal Gearrrr" in the right way. No, we puny humans don't have his legendary senses, situational awareness, and skills, so when we play Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes we have a magical third-person with indicators and information galore to fake it. But if you want to try actually being Big Boss and peeping through his eyes, an FPS Mod is now out.

The mod lets us get deep into Big Boss, right inside him, looking out his face's looking holes and wearing his hands like gloves. As you might expect from something hacked in, it's a little bit wonky. One problem is, as the creator notes, "things vanish when you go near them". The game being made for third-person means movement is different too, so supposedly it doesn't feel quite like a regular FPS. But hey, it lets you play Ground Zeroes in first-person, which might very well be something you'd like to have a crack at.

Ta to Kotaku for pointing this one out. Have a video of it in action:

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