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Metal: Hellsinger offers up mod tools to add your own hellish beats

Goodbye Serj Tankian, hello lo-fi hip-hop to slay/relax to

Rhythm FPS Metal: Hellsinger only came out a couple of weeks ago, but if you’re already getting tired of its relentless heavy metal soundtrack then the game’s new modding tools should help. You can now pop in whatever music you want to listen to, not just metal. What genre did devs The Outsiders choose to show off this new feature? Lucifer’s very own favourite, jazz, of course. Brace yourself for some syncopated shenanigans before you watch the trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube videoMetal: Hellsinger - Modding Update

Just like Metal: Hellsinger’s official tunes, modders can layer their music to build along with the game’s combo modifiers. I can imagine people will be dropping all kinds of beats from every genre imaginable now these tools are out in the wild, and you'll be able to find their attempts through the Steam Workshop. After the dawn of Trombone Champ this past week, I’m entirely ready for someone to go full comedy and slap in Bavarian folk music, complete with layered yodels once you reach the 16x modifier.

If you’re a musical sort and want to give soundtracking bullet ballets a go yourself then you can grab the modding tool over at the Metal: Hellsinger site here. The Outsiders say you can even mod the Steam demo.

Despite not being musical, Graham had multiple blasts playing the game for his Metal: Hellsinger review. “If you love Doom and you're the kind of Guitar Hero player who wants to 100% Through The Fire And Flames, then I think Metal: Hellsinger might have you obsessed,” he said. “For me - who only played Guitar Hero on Normal mode at parties, and whose only understanding of heavy metal comes from Wayne's World - it remained an excellent five hours.”

Metal: Hellsinger is on Steam for £25/$30/€30. It’s also included in PC Game Pass.

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