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Ultimate Audio Bang podcast: picking apart Geoff's Fest

Oh, hello again!

The Ultimate Audio Bang is back! Yes, after a sad albeit festive farewell to Imogen (RPS in peace) I've since roped poor Hayden in to chat with me. As it's his first rodeo, we keep this episode fairly relaxed and get to know a bit more about our new pod bud, then follow it up with our Point Of Interest: Summer Geoff Fest. Namely, the shooters and shootery things that caught our eyes from its many showcases.

We chat Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and its middling story reveal, Arkane's new co-op shooter Redfall, and other smaller bits like High On Life and Metal Hellsinger.

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We're still ironing out the structure of the pod, especially when it comes to our Point Of Interest and all the newsy bits. We may end up mixing the two together, or perhaps only picking out a couple of the most interesting stories of the last two weeks. The consensus, I think, is that the PoI will take precedence and we'll try our damndest to make it spicy for you all.

And hey, thanks for listening! It's nice to be back.

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Call Of Duty publishers Activision Blizzard continue to face allegations that they have a culture of sexual harassment and discrimination. Recently, Activision Blizzard's board said that there's "no evidence" they tolerated any "reported" harassment. And despite efforts by company employees and shareholders to oust CEO Bobby Kotick, he was re-elected to the board for another year.

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