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Metaphor: ReFantazio has over 40 persona-like archetypes to evolve and combine, still looks a lot like Persona (complimentary)

The RPG’s latest gameplay trailer gives a taste of the job-like combinations possible

Some kind of bazooka-wielding archetype in Metaphor: ReFantazio
Image credit: Atlus

It’s easy to draw comparisons between Metaphor: ReFantazio and Persona, given that the upcoming RPG is in the works over at Persona makers Atlus and is built around a similar ‘transform into an awesome-looking robot/creature and do battle’ concept, but so far all those comparisons only serve to highlight just how damn good Metaphor: ReFantazio looks.

The RPG’s latest trailer out of tonight’s Summer Game Fest stream adds to that feeling, focusing on the archetypes used by party members in battle. In other words, they basically function like personas, reflecting the inner fears, anxieties and emotions of your party members which are then manifested as combat-ready machine-beasties.

In a break from Persona’s tarot-inspired alter-egos, Metaphor: ReFantazio’s archetypes are more akin to the jobs of other RPGs like Final Fantasy, with classes including the likes of Samurai, Magic Seeker, Destroyer, Dragoon, Ninja, Pugilist and what I can only assume is called “Big Bazooka”.

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There’ll be over 40 archetypes in total to bring along in your party, the game’s devs confirmed, with different archetypes able to earn experience and possible evolve into stronger forms. There was also talk of ‘combining’ them, though whether that’s simply in terms of party builds or mashing together archetypes to create new forms - yes, like in Persona - wasn’t totally clear. The trailer does mention discovering brand new forms, so it may well be the latter.

Otherwise, the mix of animated cutscenes and sharp, stylish gameplay footage in the trailer confirms that this is definitely a game gunning for the Persona crowd - and as part of that crowd, I’m all in. The menus pop, the gameplay seems to brim with that same slick combo-combat momentum and the whole thing just screams “play me until Persona 6”. I’ll be happy to oblige when Metaphor: ReFantazio arrives on Steam on October 11th.

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