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Metro: LL Getting A Metric Ton Of Single-Player DLC

Metro: Last Light is my current slithering, senses-constricting conquest, but I haven't quite finished it yet. Thus far, however, my feelings align pretty well with Jim's, bringing Hivemind Orgiastic Synergism rates up to 212.5783 percent. Last Light's different from 2033 but still of a similar spirit, and I quite like the idea of viewing its intoxicatingly disheveled world from different perspectives. That's precisely the idea behind 4A's summer flood of single-player DLC, so I'm definitely not complaining. According to legends, complete Hivemind synergy will actually cause the apocalypse, so you'll probably want to dive into the break's dank tunnels for safety. Also, details.

Four "packs" are on the way, and they'll release at a steady clip throughout the summer. Here's what makes each of them tick:

"The 'Faction Pack' and the 'Chronicles Pack' will include new, original single player gameplay that expands on the Metro: Last Light universe and story. The 'Tower Pack' will present a unique solo challenge to Metro veterans. Meanwhile, the 'Developer Pack' will give creative players some interesting tools with which to explore the world of Metro."

The Faction Pack will be first to break cover, and it'll kick off the cold, irradiated summer in June. 4A notes that instead of Artyom, it'll focus on "other characters with stories to tell." I'm hoping beyond hope it won't just be a different shooty soldier man, but we'll see. Also, a "Developer Pack"? Is that mod tools, or some kind of commentary - ala many of Valve's games? Suppose I'll be mailing Deep Silver about that, then.

Like everyone else, Deep Silver and 4A are offering a Season Pass thinger, and that'll only run you $14.99/£11.99. I advise watching and waiting instead of blinding throwing money forever and for always, but it's your call. I certainly like what I'm hearing, but I prefer my pudding with a side order of proof. Or something. I think I just synergized with Horace, who is clearly hungry - for justice. Also, all things. And thus, my search for an infinite buffet begins.

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