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Microsoft finally name one thing correctly

Xbox Game Pass For PC is now "PC Game Pass"

I'm not sure I've ever once in my life typed "Xbox Game Pass For PC," preferring to drop the last two words when writing about Microsoft's game subscription service here on a PC games website. In future I won't have to produce my own Radio Edit, however. During last night's Game Awards, Microsoft announced that the service, on PC, is now simply called PC Game Pass.

Here's the video announcing the change, filled with people I've never heard of but presume to be famous in some way:

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And here's the "patch notes" Xbox put out:

The service remains otherwise unchanged. The trailer above does contain a deliberate "leak" of games coming to the service next year, however, including a handful that were previously unannounced. The briefly visible list of games includes Total War: Warhammer 3, Redfall, Starfield, Somerville and more - all of which we already knew. Those we didn't know about were newly revealed Sniper Elite 5, physics playground Pigeon Simulator, Devolver's samurai action game Trek To Yoki, and an unannounced game from Hugecalf Studios. I guess the latter is a golf game?

If you're lamenting the loss of "Xbox" in the name, you should remember that to play games on PC Game Pass you'll still need to download the "Xbox" app. PC Game Pass For Xbox, you could call it. And I'm sure Microsoft will find new ways to make all this complicated again soon enough.

We stayed up late to cover the PC gaming news at the marketing extravaganza: hit our The Game Awards tag for everything, or skip to Every trailer at The Game Awards 2021.

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