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Microsoft Flight Simulator's world update 4 polishes France and Benelux

That's Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, fyi

Microsoft Flight Simulator was no slouch at launch, but since release its developers have been been applying extra polish to its world map country-by-country. World update 4, out now, brings that extra detail to France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg - including new photomagicry of two major cities and three new hand-crafted airports.

"The sky is calling," ends the above trailer. Personally I am going to decline the call and hope the sky leaves a message or texts instead.

Photogrammetry is the photomagicry that allows for more accurate architecture in Flight Simulator's cities, and world update 4 applies that process to Paris and Amsterdam. It means that buildings look like the real buildings, rather than Flight Sim's own algorithm taking a guess and accidentally turning the Louvre into a generic apartment block.

There are dozens of new points of interests refined in the update, alongside the handcraft Megève, Nice Côte d’Azur, and Rotterdam The Hague airports. They include the Arc de Triomphe, in case you ever dreamed of flying a plane through it, and Fort Boyard, in case you ever dreamed of being scolded by Leslie Grantham.

You can find the full release notes on the Flight Simulator site. Once you've downloaded the latest update for the game on Steam or the Microsoft store, you can head to the in-game marketplace and download the free France/Benelux content update.

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