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Tribes-Inspired FPS Midair Hits Kickstarter

Skii free!

Currently soaring in the skies over Kickstarter is Midair [official site], a free-to-play first-person shooter clearly based on Tribes. "But Alice, I... isn't there already a modern free-to-play Tribes?" you ask, tilting your head like a blue tit scoping out a foil milk bottle top on a frosty morning. "No, seriously Alice, enough with the florid similes. There is: Tribes Ascend. They're even updating it again, aren't they?" Sorry. Yes, yes, but Midair developers Archetype Studios want a game more like the older Tribes. So they're making one. They would like your cash to help with that.

Midair is an FPS where players can strap on a jetpack and go rocketing over the landscape, using clever movements tricks to zip down slopes then launch up into the skies. Y'know, rocket-powered 'skiing', like in Tribes. Also, it's got vehicles, obvs, like in Tribes. It'll have a capture-the-flag mode where teams build base defenses and get to play with vehicles, like in Tribes, along with a plain ole team battle mode and an all vs. all mode where players try to hold onto a flag for as long as possible. It looks fast, it looks furious, it looks not to star Vin Diesel in any way, shape or form. Boo.

Archetype's Kickstarter campaign is seeking $100,000 (£70,000-ish) to finish Midair and launch it in November 2017. It'll be free-to-play when it properly launches, so reward tiers are things like beta access and special skins. Stretch goals include new modes, extra level tilesets, support for players to make their own maps, and so on.

It's been in development for two years and already passed Steam Greenlight. If you want to see more than this wee trailer, Archetype host regular Twitch streams including live gameplay.

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