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Mighty Switch Force! Academy Reports For Duty

Puzzle police

What a day Mighty Switch Force! Academy [official site] protagonist Patricia Wagon has had. Instead of starting Cadet training with the local police force, she finds herself trapped in a hologram simulating a gravity-defying, system-switching world of 2D puzzles. What a day, right enough. After a short stint in Early Access, Mighty Switch Force! Academy has now graduated to full release on Steam, with Patty in tow.

"Hands Up!" "Awesome!" "Stay in school!" cries Patty as she bounds about the neon-bathed, floating platform-laden zones that comprise the simulator's levels - all the while firing her trusted pellet gun at automaton animals, breaking down breeze block walls, and switching contraptions with the bash of button to grasp otherwise unreachable podiums. Each zone requires she rescue a set amount of prisoners before she's whisked away by a flying robot onto the next. Obviously. It's fast and full-on and fun. Here, look:

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The best fun is had when working out the trajectory and direction each contraption will propel you in, and then working out how to switch the level's platforms on and off as you fly across the screen. Mistime a switch and you'll likely fall into a pit of spikes, on top of a landmine, or into the path of a less than forgiving robot rhino. This happened to me more times than I care to admit. Stupid hand-to-eye coordination.

Over and above previous Mighty Switch Force! games, Academy brings 20 new levels, as well as five classic stages (which are tough as nails) and also features four-player co-op and competitive play, both modes that were left out of its predecessor.

Fancy helping Patty escape? You can do so by picking Mighty Switch Force! Academy on Steam for the discounted price of £5.24.

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