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The terrible tragedy of cheery naval combat knees-up Leviathan Warships was that it presented a wonderful scenario it failed to deliver on. That scenario was jazz and honeyed narration in a memetastic trailer, only for such things to be entirely absent from the game proper. This terrible oversight has now been corrected - a new patch for Paradox's game adds Jazz Mode for reals.

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I can't think of any videogame that wouldn't be improved by a jazz mode. Big Band STALKER. Call of BeBop. Tomb Swinger. Wait, that's probably something else.

Maybe this is a joke at risk of being stretched too far, but in this week of VISCERALITY and NEXT GENERATION TARGETING RETICULES I'd say it's much needed light relief.

Here are the full patch notes for the Leviathan update. Most of them mean absolutely nothing to me as I haven't had a chance to play the game yet, I must admit, but the arrival of Jazzy Boatman means I've just doubled up on my desire to. Adam quite liked it, when he strapped it to his Iron Mast of Judgement a few agos.

Added Jazz Mode featuring Jazzy Boatman!
The user interface now scales to properly support high-resolution screens. This should fix the issues Nexus 10 and Mac retina displays have with a tiny GUI.
In-game typing sound effect removed
Ships are now re-selected after targeting orders have been placed
Post effects (PC/MAC only)
Anti-Aliasing added
Bloom effect added
Ship prices balance pass
Cost raised on Shortfin, Stingray & Spearhead
Cost lowered on Buzzer, Destroyer, Bullycruiser, Overlord, Atlas & Dreadnought
Existing player accounts might receive invalid fleet sizes on existing fleets because of this. New Accounts will not be affected by these changes.
Beam guns can now destroy mines
Artillery and Rocket splash damage fixed
Artillery and Rockets balanced
Railgun autofire removed from campaign ships
Added the ability to reorder the ships in the shipyard
Winner/Loser status in the battle bar removed during replays. Why ruin all the excitement?
Matchmaking now saves the latest setup
More symbols allowed in passwords
Leviathan 1 & Leviathan 2 servers now available for tablet versions
Increased server stability
Fixed so Campaign planning timer does not reset to default value between missions
Improved shipyard zoom scroll on tablets

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