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Mini Motorways tosses Mini Metro's trains to take on traffic management

Beep beep!

Mini Metro is awfully pleasant, isn't it? I've grown quite fond of lounging around, putting together an idealised transit system that - no matter how much I fudge things up - always turns out utopian compared to what the real world can put together. Yes, I say to myself, isn't it lovely to lay down this tramline without racking up millions of quid and shutting down half the city. Truly, games are fantastical creations.

Now that developers Dinosaur Polo Club have solved railway problems for good (probably), their next shot is aimed squarely at the bad boy of public infrastructure. Announced today, Mini Motorways will take on traffic.

As per a new teaser released this afternoon, Mini Motorways is about to take us on another globetrotting infrastructure management adventure. Exciting!

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Sure, trains are objectively better than cars, but swapping them out opens up a whole new set of challenges. The tube ideally runs smoothly and constantly (do not @ me, Londoners), but cars tend to jam up at junctions. You've always got to find somewhere to put the buggers when they stop, too. Mini Motorways has you managing parking lots, junctions and highways to keep the city running smoothly.

Part of the charm of Mini Metro was the way every level look like it was pulled out of a local subway map. Mini Motorways has a similarly minimal style with buckets more colour thrown in. Yes, it builds some awfully cute little cities. But I do hope there's a way to fiddle with the settings enough to make Motorways' streets look like you'd dug them out of a ratty old 1998 AA Road Atlas. It's only right.

If you're one of those iPhone kids, Mini Motorways is setting off this Thursday as part of Apple Arcade's launch lineup. Us saps on PC must cruelly wait - Mini Motorways' Steam launch wont arrive until next year.

Ah well, we've always got the delightful Freeways for now.

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