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Go For The Eyes! Minsc And Boo Coming To Neverwinter


"Go for the eyes, Boo!" That's a quote from Baldur's Gate. One of the characters says it when attacking enemies. His name is Minsc, and he is a silly man with a pet hamster named Boo. The joke is that he's telling his hamster to attack, but it's just a hamster - and he thinks it's a "miniature giant space hamster" too!

If you enjoyed my dry retelling even though I'm just grasping at someone else's lightning, if you still feeling a twinge of nostalgia at the mention of characters you once adored, hey, you might be into the news that Minsc and Boo are coming to free-to-play D&D MMO Neverwinter [official site].

It won't be the same, you know. They won't be the same. The world has moved on. You're grown. You've changed. The writers are different. You've... aged. But that's okay, isn't it? We can enjoy them in a new way. We can still enjoy our memories and how they shape our view of the present. As long as we don't delude ourselves and drone on about the golden years, blinding ourselves to the different wonders around us today, a little nostalgia can be a delight. But we can't go back. We can never go back.

Here's Neverwinter designer Simon Lucas explaining what you'll be able to get up to with Minsc and Boo when Neverwinter's 'Elemental Evil' module launches on March 17:

"The story opens with the players meeting the Archdruid Morningdawn in Protector's Enclave. He has been escorted to the city bearing a precious package—the Tree of Elemental Balance. His escort on this important trek was the famous ranger, Minsc. As always, Minsc is accompanied by his faithful companion, Boo. Thus introduced to the pair, players get to adventure alongside them and investigate the rise of Elemental Evil.

"Throughout their adventures together, players can expect a healthy dose of Minsc's irrepressible and enthusiastic optimism. Minsc persistently encourages players to take the fight to the enemy, placing armored boots on elemental backsides with righteous fury.

"As the story unfolds, the heroes discover the extent of the danger and must save Neverwinter from destruction. Through this quest line Minsc and Boo fight alongside the heroes, providing information and assistance in Minsc’s own, inimitable style. GO FOR THE EYES, BOO!"

We can never go back.

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