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A Little More Faith: Mirror's Edge 2 E3 Trailer

A little less action please

Mirror's Edge 2 was revealed at last year's E3 with little more than a brief animation and a few bars of the game's lovely soundtrack. As part of EA's conference at E3 2014, they showed off more of the game. It was set amidst some buzzword-y waffle from the game's developers, and is still only concept footage for the game they hope to make, but there are hints of good things in the three minute video embedded below.

Confession: I was a fan of the original Mirror's Edge. It wasn't without its flaws, but if you hated it outright, there's nothing I can do for you.

Luckily, EA DICE don't seem to be going out of their way to do anything for you either. I was concerned that the divide in opinion over the first game would prompt the team to radically change the sequel, introducing third-person mode, more weapons or a radically different world. From the concept footage, none of that seems to be true. It's still about graceful first-person free running, it's still about Faith in a gleaming, beautiful dystopia, and the combat still seems to avoid out-and-out firefights.

The changes to the combat that have been made seem mainly based around making it faster, so that entering into melee with an enemy is no longer a case of slowing the game down for some free-flowing QTEs. Instead Faith hits people, leaps on people, slides into the shins of people and then is immediately on her feet and running away again. That's pretty much exactly what I wanted.

It's a shame there wasn't more concrete or complete in-game stuff to show, or a release date, but I've now got a little more... hope.

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