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Mirror's Edge 2 Is Probably A Thing Again

It is one of the more ignoble of ways to be seemingly announced, but the often speculated Mirror's Edge 2 now has a support page on EA's site. (Update: since deleted.)

The game has appeared a couple of times on Amazon in the last couple of weeks, as an XBone listing for Italy and Germany, both of course rapidly removed. And now EA seems to be leaving the page up on their own site, at least for the time being. They took their time, but it's deleted now. But far too late.

Clearly this could be someone at EA pratting around, but generally when these things pop up all in a row there's a common cause. So it seems likely EA will be pushed to show their hand and announce the game, likely spoiling a plan to reveal it at E3, I shouldn't wonder.

So, now would seem a smart time to start making my quiet appeal:

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