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Mirror's Edge Catalyst's Story Puts Me On Edge

Beta signups now open

"I once knew a young woman who would defy anyone and anything in order to do what she felt was right. But you're clearly not her. You're broken." So starts the beginning of Mirror's Edge Catalyst's story trailer, in which we learn that Faith might be broken like some sort of mirror and must jump between edges of buildings in order to prove to the yelling men that, like, shut up no she isn't. Come see, and find details of the game's beta in the bargain.

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OK, look. My only real problem with the story and the characters here is this: everything else looks incredible. Gleaming skyscraper atriums waiting to be scaled; stark white office interiors highlighted with splashes of brilliant orange and green; an urban colour scheme that seems to be that of the first Mirror's Edge but with a strong added dose of hot pink. I like the music. I even like the look of the combat.

If you feel similarly, you might want to consider signing up for the closed beta. You'll need an EA/Origin account to sign up and there's no announced date yet for when it'll run. It can't be too far away however as the full game will launch on May 24th. I'm looking forward to it.

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