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Mod News: All the Questions

More sites should interview mod-makers, I feel. If one of this week's picks is anything to go by, they can have some interesting things to say. Modding might not usually be quite as huge a process as making a full-on indie game, but as a modder you face your own unique problems, ones we don't always get to hear about. Maybe we should take note of that at RPS. Either way, read on for this week's roundup.


Version 1.1 of Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas is on the way, and the development team has been going into what that entails. They've posted a full list of the planned changes over on ModDB for you to take a look at. Why not do that?

Meanwhile, lovely-looking Half-Life 2 mod Tales From The Galactopticon gets the interview treatment over at ModInformer, and a nice interview it is too. This line struck me, the developer talking about his attitude towards making an unusual mod for HL2: "When I’m working on stuff for the mod, I don’t think of it as a mod for Half-Life 2. I think of it as a chance to make my own game, full of my own ideas."

Elsewhere, there are some new screenshots of Left 4 Dead mod Back To School doing the rounds. They're quite impressively atmospheric, too. The team have also detailed some changes of plan, including a merging of the final two levels, and generally cutting back on some of their bigger ideas so as to release earlier. They're a mod, after all. That's always a good idea.

Then there's Morrowind Rebirth, for which the developer has been detailing the forthcoming update. There's a big list of changes that'll be made over on ModDB. The next version will be 1.0, too, which has rolled around quickly. The comedy of reading lines from changelogs out of context goes on and on. My favourite from this one: "You will now be able to hit ghosts using Adamantium Weapons."

Take that, ghosts!

But perhaps the biggest news this week is the announcement of Action Half-Life 2, version 22. An update might not usually be such big news, but it's been two years since Action Half-Life 2 was released, and things have been fairly quiet ever since. The trailer is awesome, by the way. It is below.

Watch on YouTube


Half-Life 2: Ep 2 mod Momentum isn't especially close to being finished yet, but its developers have put out a short demo anyway, just to showcase the kind of play style we've to look forward to. I haven't got round to trying this out yet, but might set it to download any time now. Have you played it? Any good?


Huge Oblivion mod Dibella's Watch has hit the eighth version of its beta this week. Unfortunately, the developer wasn't able to fit everything he wanted into this update, but there's still plenty of new stuff to get to grips with. There's a big list of it all over on ModDB, together with a few new screenshots, one of which I've included below because I like you just that much.

And there's also an update for Mount & Blade: Warband mod Vigingr. It's an incremental patch, and I'm not entirely sure what it adds or fixes, as I can't find those details anywhere. If you want to take the plunge regardless, this is where you need to go.

'Til next time, folks. Which will be in a fortnight, as I'm out of the country next week. Ta-ra!

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