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Mod News: Editron

An uncommonly slow week in mod news this week. Which has been fine, especially over the last few days, during which time I've been pretty obsessively playing the Frozen Synapse beta and being teased by Kieron for being rubbish at it. Frozen Synapse has a level editor, which is how I justify talking about it (and the equally awesome Sleep Is Death, which is all about editing stuff) in a column about mods. Frozen Synapse! And, subsequently, some mod news:

- I hear this is still a little shaky in the quality department, but it's such an odd little idea I'll link to it anyway: Mount & Blade now has its very own Modern Warfare mod. You can grab it here, and here's a forum thread [] on which you can read all about it.

- And, for its standalone expansion Warband, Battlesize Changer, which allows you to change the size of battles.

- Good old Dystopia is looking swankier than ever with these new visual effects.

- HL2 war mod Empires has a big new version out. Upgraded visual effects, improved gameplay and new features, apparently. Looks good.

- Visage continues to know exactly how to establish a mood.

- Remember Google-Translatomod Butterfly, for Crysis? This is what its interface is going to look like. My goodness. It's looking smart indeed.

- More Crysis: Mandate of Heaven, a rather lovely looking singleplayer mod, has been released.

More at UserCreated, as and when any mod developers release something interersting. And if I've missed something really obvious, do point out the error of my ways - I'll probably throw it at next week's piece.

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