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Monster Smash: Beast Boxing Turbo Demo

Jim correctly identified Beast Boxing Turbo as A Good Thing when he saw the trailer a few weeks ago. Here's the plot: lady disguises herself as a monster so that she can enter a tournament in which beasts ferociously pummel one another. Developers Good Hustle have released a demo and since my mouse and keyboard aren't generally used to steer fists around first-person boxing games, I appreciate the chance to test out the controls. I used keys to move and block while the mouse buttons were my fist pistons. It works well and gamepads are also supported. The demo is time-limited - fifteen minutes - so the equipment and skill development doesn't get a look in, but it's pleasantly unhinged, like a friendlier Zeno Clash.

For the sum of $9.99, it is possible to punch every beast in the face.

Apart from skill levelling, buying equipment and equipping equipment, I don't think there's much more to Beast Boxing than hitting monsters square in the jaw. Nothing wrong with that though. I wasn't expecting a complex economic campaign and I'm always relieved when fighting games leave out the boring training minigames. Have any of those ever been any good?

I played Andre Panza Kick Boxing on the Amiga for hours and that was mostly training games. So bad. I don't remember it being called Andre Panza Kick Boxing, but it's definitely the same game as in the video below. I used to think the animations for the referee were the best thing.

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