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Monster-taming RPG Coromon sure looks a lot like Pokémon

Though that's not necessarily a bad thing

I, for one, am all for more Pokémon-likes on PC, and Coromon looks as though it won't disappoint. It's an upcoming monster catching, taming and dueling game that is very clearly influenced by those famous Pocket Monster adventures. Rather than follow the 3D style lots of new creature collecting games are going for, Coromon is a 2D pixel art RPG instead. Developers TRAGsoft released a new trailer for it over the weekend, and there's a demo to try out too if you fancy having a go.

The game has you play as a Coromon trainer on a journey to collect some monsters, form a squad and defeat some evil baddies who want to release a dark power onto the world. Sounds familiar. It features turn-based combat, and loads of character customisation, and even difficulty levels. According to the trailer there are randomisers and built-in Nuzlocke modes (like permadeath modes if your monsters get knocked out), which are always good fun to mess around with.

Cover image for YouTube videoCoromon Features Trailer

One of my fave things about Coromon is that 2D art-style. The new 3D Pokémon stuff is alright (like in Sword and Shield, or even something like Temtem), but I do miss the old pixel art sometimes. Coromon's art-style reminds me a bit of Diamond and Pearl, the first Pokémans on the old Nintendo DS (which were my faves, so I'm probably a little biased here).

Honestly, I just love the animations. There's something very pleasing about watching little 2D beasties bobbing up and down or doing little wiggles while they're waiting for a fight.

It'll be nice to have a Poké-like on PC that's closer to a JRPG. Currently, one of the best monster-taming games we have on PC is Temtem. That game has lots of good Poké-things in it, but unfortunately, it's an MMO (and I'm just not a huge fan of those).

TRAGsoft haven't revealed an exact release date for Coromon just yet, though it should be out sometime this summer. If you just can't wait, however, a free demo is available on Steam right now.

Coromon is also heading to iOS and Android, and you can find out more on its website.

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