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Monstrous: The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing

Games do rather have a habit of removing subtlety. I'm not claiming that Van Helsing has a great history of cultural appearances, but I'm fairly sure that none of his depictions have previously taken place in a world where there are more werewolves than rats. (I'm not an expert, but was it really the 2004 Hugh Jackman film that saw Van Helsing switch from hunting just vampires to every other kind of monster?) Anyhoo, that's the rather splendid nature of action RPG The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing, which has now shown some in-game footage. And it looks rather nice.

This is coming from Neocore, they who have previously brought us the RTS-RPG King Arthur games, who clearly fancy something a bit less serious for their latest project. An ARPG that looks an awful lot more detailed than the norm, and features a really quite unlikely number of monsters stalking the streets. You'd imagine at a certain point someone else other than Helsing might think to turn up and fight too.

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This game is actually following Abraham's son, also known as Van Helsing, because, well, I think they plan on taking so many liberties with Bram Stoker's original tale that it makes sense to do the old next-gen trope.

I loves me some ARPG, and their current resurgence is a splendid sight - especially one that looks to not be taking itself too seriously. There doesn't look to be a release date yet, but at its announcement they were talking about Winter this year. Details are also scarce, such as whether there will be co-op, online play, etc. I shall endeavour to find out.

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