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Sadly no actual dragons

I'll admit that I don't often know what the hell is going on. This is a blanket statement that applies to many areas of my life - games, meals, showers - I've had confusion during all of them. But it's not often that a trailer will leave me with quite the same pleasant non-understanding as finding a surprise Terry's Chocolate Orange in my bed. The latest from the amusingly named RTS Wargame: Red Dragon managed that and, as I've discovered in researching this post, seems to have done the same to Graham. There's just something about its collection of modern military hardware and explosion addiction that numbs my brain into quiet, happy appreciation. Hopefully you'll see what I mean below.

I've never touched the series before but we're less than two minutes later and I want nothing more than to jump in and push some tanks around. Which I rather suppose is a trailer's job, so well done whoever put this one together. The sort of intrigued excitement its instilled is usually reserved for series I've followed for a long time or every Blizzard cinematic ever made. I'm trawling through screenshots and trailers just because they're pretty. They don't even really do a good job of explaining what the game is, which seems to be half way between Total War: China 1983 and Command & Conquer: Generals. The only real complaint I have is a total lack of actual dragons.

(My goodness, wouldn't that be awesome? Like, literally the same game, only with dragons? Somebody make this. Kickstarter exists for a reason, people.)

Graham'll be telling you Wot He Thunk in the near future, but if you're confident of its quality you can grab it on Steam or in the mean time have a gander at the devblog.

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