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Morrowind remake Skywind now has over 100 dungeons complete, but still has a long way to go

Aka Modrowind

For a while last year, I started following a long modding guide to update The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind to a more modern standard. Then I lost my place and gave up. I’m not joking. The thing is huge, and I forgot what I was doing. That’s why I wear my Skywind badge with pride. The dedicated modders working to bring TES III over to the Skyrim engine are still beavering away at it, and have released an update on their progress. Spoilers: you still can’t play it.

Cover image for YouTube videoSkywind - Official Development Video #6

An impressive 100 dungeons and interiors have been completed so far, but the volunteer developers aren’t just cutting and pasting the Kogoruhn’s tunnels from one engine into another. They’re iterating, changing and (hopefully) improving on them all. That takes time, and people with the right sort of skills to do it. At least some of the update video is there to entice people who can help to join in.

It’s the same for the meat of the RPG. Skyrim might have been the more advanced game, but there are things missing from it that Morrowind has, like spell crafting. Reimplementing that system, adding new perks, and then animating it all is still on the developer’s docket.

So they’re making progress, for free, without any studio backing, and the number of times they ask for help in the video makes it clear that they know there’s still a hell of a lot more work to go. But I’d rather wait for this to be completed than attempting that Morrowind modding tutorial again.

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