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McPixel dev's Mosh Pit Simulator is going to VR hell


Please understand that I am humourless. I have no patience for fun, jokes, japery, antics, shenanigans, tomfoolery, or banter. I've surgically severed my face's smiling muscles and developed a workout routine to pump the frowners. I am no fun.

And yet -- mercy me! -- I laugh like a drain watching snippets of Mosh Pit Simulator [official site]. It's an upcoming VR game from McPixel developer Sos Sosowski, pushing bugs and glitches to the extreme as interfaces fall apart in your hands, flailing mannequins destroy a city, and a dinosaur warps and whips and trashes a kitchen.

Mosh Pit Simulator is... some sort of motion-controlled VR game about duffing up people and making things go wonky? Something like that. I honestly can't tell you what Mosh Pit Simulator is or will be, I can only take you back through its development to show you what it has been and what Sos has said it was. Let's pick through tweets and blog posts and tunes in reverse-chronological order:

This trailer's a 360-degree vid, give it a good drag around:

Watch on YouTube

At this point, Sos popped out a blog post detailing his plans for the game. He talks about a story mode, "funny" modes, enemies, helicopters, and superpowers.

"I want to keep the game as 'open' as it can get, in terms of letting the player break everything and play around and exploit bugs etc," he said.

Mate, I've no clue.

[Disclosure: I know Sos a bit and contributed a tiny, tiny amount to the Doom Piano (its monitor shroud) he and some other rabble made.]

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