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Mosh Pit Simulator wobbles into early access for VR

Well this is... weird

Virtual reality, some might tell you, is the future of emotional interactive storytelling. Whether that's true or not, we should remember that VR has also great potential for fannying about like a big idiot. Lo, the clouds do part and Mosh Pit Simulator doth descend into early access. It's a goofed-out physics sandbox from Sos Sosowski, maker of the manic McPixel, and a game where bugs became features became inspiration for sillier features. I'm not gogged up so I shan't be simulating any mosh pits myself but punching boneless people into space, attaching objects to objects they should not be attached to, growing huge, and smashing a city sure sounds like my bag.

We've gawped a fair bit at work-in-progress versions over the years, and our former Adam (RPS in peace) had a longer look at it in 2017.

"The more time I spend talking to Sosowski, the more I realise that the game he has jokingly described as 'The Worst Game Ever' is, in fact, very carefully constructed," he said. Who knows what happened since then. Oh! Wait. This video shows what's happened since then:

Sosowski expects Mosh Pit Simulator to launch properly after about six months in early access, or longer if he keeps adding stuff. He has a big ideas ranging from features reducing motion sickness to combining objects in more complex ways and also features which may increase motion sickness, like swinging around on webs like a friendly neighbourhood mosher.

Mosh Pit Simulator is out now in early access for cybergoggs compatible with Rift, Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality, so most stuff? You'll find it on Steam and the Oculus store for £15.49/€16.79/$19.99.

Disclosure: I know Sos a bit through doing a minuscule amount on the Doom Piano. I can't overstress how little I did on it compared to the rest of the gang. I just made a monitor shroud. That's all.

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