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Anarchic gun-crafting FPS Mothergunship lands July 17

Holy mother of guns, Batman!

Some shooters offer military precision. Some shooters deliver technical movement systems. Roguelike shooter Mothergunship (pseudo-sequel to Tower of Guns) doesn't care about that. What it does do is let you build a twelve-barrelled shotgun so enormously scattershot that it hits absolutely everything in the room, and if you somehow manage to miss anything on the first pass, the pellets ricochet, just to be sure. It's also out in less than three weeks. Within, a shiny new launch-date trailer featuring a multitude of exceedingly impractical firearms, plus a demo.

I first got my grubby mitts on Mothergunship at Rezzed earlier this year, and really liked what I played, despite being at something of a disadvantage trying to keep up with dozens of flying foes with a PS4 controller. Still, even playing at a disadvantage, I was proud of the silly quad-barrelled rocket launcher I created, which shot very slow-moving rockets while launching me backwards at a hundred miles an hour. 'That's not how physics work!' I hear you say? No, wait, I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of MY AMAZING ROCKET LAUNCHER.

Watch on YouTube

I've been playing a bit more through a PC preview build, and I'm excited to see how the final game shakes out. At the point I've played to, things are beginning to get a little bit more technical, with me actually having to carefully consider how I build my guns, rather than just seeing how many projectiles I can launch into the sky simultaneously. Having the world's biggest shotgun isn't much help when the enemy is a half-dozen sniper robots perched on distant ledges. There's some depth here, just hidden under the anarchic gun designing and literal walls of angry turrets.

Mothergunship is out this July 17th and will cost $25. You can wishlist it here on Steam, or try the Gun Crafting Range demo here.

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