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Humongous Fungus: A Mushroom 11 Trailer

Holy shiitake

The few times Mushroom 11 has popped up on my radar, I really didn't know what I was looking at. There was some talk about shape-shifting fungus, but it all looked a bit formless in the early tech. A smarter man would use that last sentence as a segue, but I am far too dim to link the phase 'formless' and the action in Mushroom 11, where you're a growing mass of mushroom that you have to trim and shape to move through the levels: each cut and slice allows you to grow on. There's an interesting little puzzle game in all this, and the trailer has spread below the cut.

The game is about cajoling the fungus among us, using the growth spurts to fit it in and around things: it can climb walls by hooking into caves, it can tip things over as the mass gathers and grows on top of a pendulum, and it can grow in the corner of your bedroom causing a never ending cough and many emails to your landlord even shape itself as a cog to fit into a machine. As you grow, you'll be continually sacrificing bits of your body.

The trailer is supposed to be about the soundtrack, provided by The Future Sound Of London, but it's also shown me that there's a game in there as well.

Oh, and to help with the inevitable pun thread: chanterelle, truffle, toadstool, champignon, button, chestnut, and death caps.

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