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Narrative exploration game Before I Forget launches in July

A bitterwseet exploration

The first game from indie studio 3-Fold Games is a bittersweet one. Before I Forget is a first-person exploration game about a woman with early onset dementia uncovering her past. Despite that, 3-Fold call it "delicate and atmospheric," as the main character remembers details about her life and partner. It will release on July 16th.

You'll play as Sunita, waking up in a house she doesn't initially recognise. "Wandering from room to room, players discover mysterious objects, each holding a fleeting, fragmented memory," 3-Fold say. "Examine faded postcards, scribbled notes, photographs, and more to uncover Sunita’s past, piece together her life-story and understand her present."

Based on the trailer, Sunita appears to be a well-regarded scientist with a love for the stars. Both her professional history and her love life are memories that she uncovers by exploring and examining her home.

Before I Forget is a short one. 3-Fold say that the average playthrough is about an hour. It looks like a nice hour though. The rooms gain detail as you discover more, turning into pastel watercolors. It's narrated with voice acting for Sunita and her spouse Dylan, always a nice touch in a story-based game.

You can find Before I Forget on Steam and Itch where it will launch on July 16th for £5.99/€6.59/$7.99.

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