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Sniper Elite Spin-off Zombie Army Trilogy Announced

Burning Hitler zombie demon thing

Yeah, I guess that is Adolf Hitler as a burning zombie demon sort of monster. Okay then. I imagine that's what you'd end up with if you formed a committee to design the video game villain players would feel least bad about killing. One person insisted he be a litterbug too, leaving a trail of Twix wrappers and Coke cans, but it was decided that'd dilute the idea. This chap's the villain of Zombie Army Trilogy, a package revamping Rebellion's two Sniper Elite spin-off Nazi Zombie Army games and boshing in a third chapter along with female zombie-hunters and other new bits.

It's the usual Nazi Zombie dealio: trash the undead across campaign missions in single-player or co-op, watching their rotting bodies explode from the inside in slow-motion as your bullets rip through them. Only this time Zombie Hitler (video games) has some really, really nasty zombies in a new campaign. It's a got new Horde mode too, and four female characters to round out the roster. The original two games benefit from new dismemberment, shiny effects, sounds, and animations in this revamp-o-bundle.

The Zombie Army Trilogy is due on March 6th, priced at £29.99. The Steam page notes that folks who already own one Nazi Zombie game can get 30% off pre-ordering or 60% for both. It's a shame that's confined to pre-orders, but I suppose at least such people already know if they'd be interested in more. Shame the new bits aren't available separately too. Anyway, have a trailer:

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