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Zombie Army 4: Dead War pits four players against Cloud Hitler, the hitler made of clouds

Up his zombie sleevies

Reveal trailers are funny things. Sometimes, they flawlessly showcase the brilliance of the game in question. Sometimes they show you absolutely nothing. And sometimes, they end with a crimson-tinted smog effigy of Hitler laughing at you from the skyline. The reveal trailer for Zombie Army 4: Dead War is one of those ones. Have a butcher's below (I'm so sorry, that Watch Dogs game has broken my brain.)

If that nicely animated but information-free teaser wasn't enough for you, here's a nine-minute gameplay video. Within its distinctly video-ish confines, Rebellion show off some nifty new tools and character progression, as well their 'signature slow-motion bullet-cam' made famous in the Sniper Elite series.

We never actually reviewed the previous Zombie Army titles here at RPS, although Alec did think Sniper Elite 4 was a 'solid stealth-action core with some lovely level design'. I'm surprised how much this one has my attention though. If the scenario itself displayed here seems a bit rote, the amount of options you're given to dispatch the horde reich goes a good way towards making up for it. In the trailer alone there's electric grenades, some stompy stomp stomps (for "satisfaction purposes"), and weaponised propellers. The whole thing looks brutally cathartic, and I'm honestly into it.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is set to smash through your window wearing the face of your mate Dave and make you go 'Dave?!' which your mate Trev will respond to by saying "it's not Dave, Steve, not anymore." - all of that, it's set to do all of that early next year. Also your name is Dave now.

[Disclosure: RPS' Nate Crowley provided character and narrative design work for Zombie Army 4 prior to joining RPS.]

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