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Zombie Army Trilogy: When It Brains, It Pours

Zombie Army Trilogy [official site], the follow-up to Sniper Elite 3 as well as Nazi Zombie Army 1 and 2, is out now. As the 'Trilogy' in the name suggests, this package also includes Nazi Zombie Army 1 and 2, plus a third chapter based on Sniper Elite v3. Confused yet? Don't worry, there's plenty of delicious brains to go around.

I have days, weeks even, where I begin to feel a little zombied out. Is there anything more to be done with zombies that we've not already seen? Probably not, but I can't argue that they're still great go-to game enemies, even more so than Nazi soldiers. With the latter you may sometimes find yourself wondering how Hans' wife will react when he never comes home, or what Gottlieb planned to do in life before he was conscripted. But zombies? They're already gross and corpsified, so why worry.

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So that's a glowing Hitler you've got there. Alice had theories about him. No doubt he'll be fun to kill in slow motion, as will the endless undead hordes, one hopes.

Zombie Army Trilogy looks like it could be the sort of thing I like to play co-operatively with friends in our weekly sessions: an unexceptional game full of idiocy and action from which fun can be wrung, loaded with enemies for us to mow down whilst we discuss the week's major events (memorably, we discussed the complexities of the Charlie Hebdo murders and the ensuant free speech debate whilst punching zombies in the original Dead Island). Occasionally our highbrow conversation will be disrupted as we're presented with gratuitous violence so needlessly overblown that we fall silent and simply watch something horrible happen. Such as some poor undead sod's spine being severed by a high velocity sniper round.

Look, I didn't say we were good people.

For another perspective on how Zombie Army Trilogy might play look to our John, who endured half an hour of the first Nazi Zombie Army and absolutely detested it.

Zombie Army Trilogy is out on Steam now for £29.99 / €41.99 / $44.99, with 30% or 60% discounts available if you already own an existing Nazi Zombie Army game.

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