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New Dead Cells update makes it more approachable to newcomers

With a training area and some optional helping hands

Dead Cells has received yet another update, named Practice Makes Perfect, which adds a training area, powerful buffs called Aspects, and other more. The devs say the patch is focused "on improving the ease-of-use and learning curve for everyone (paticularly newcomers & occasional players), without altering the overall difficulty of the game." To facilitate this goal, all the new features are optional – allowing players to execute their sweet dodge rolls with the challenge they prefer.

The biggest addition in Practice Makes Perfect is the Training Room. This new area allows you to practice against every enemy and boss you've previously encountered in the game. Weapon tubes and the Mutation-dealer Guillain are there so you can play around with different builds and playstyles. You can also choose between different biome presets to set the perfect mood before you slay countless creatures.

Aspects are 13 super-strong, equippable buffs designed to help new or less experienced players. Toxin Lover, for example, makes gas and poison heal the player rather than damage them. Aspects are another way Dead Cells is becoming more accessible to newcomers, without changing the game for those who love challenge. However, with an Aspect equipped, you can't unlock a new boss cell nor get flawless boss achievements.

The dev blog outlines a few smaller changes, like a new world map that displays discovered biomes and connections between levels, making backtracking simpler. Multi-binding (the ability to set multiple actions onto one button) has now been removed entirely from normal mode and relegated to custom mode. This is likely due to some overpowered multi-binds – cough, cough, ice shards and literally anything else.

See the patch notes for more details on changes.

They also tease the future of the game, saying they've added "A few tidbits of lore hinting at something coming in the near future, found in High Peak Castle and Undying Shores". If these teases manifest into new content, it could be the first DLC since Fatal Falls in January 2021.

Brendan's Dead Cells review in 2018 remarked that "every little fracas is a trial of quickness, luck and body memory, and it feels superb." It's received a plethora of new content over the years since, making a great game even better.

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