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Dead Cells is getting an animated series from the makers of its wonderful trailers

10 episodes coming in 2024

Dead Cells is a snappy, 2D metroidvania that was our favourite game of 2017, even while still in early access. It's now getting a 10-episode animated series from the studio already responsible for its several, wonderfully animated trailers. It'll arrive next year and there's an extremely brief trailer below.

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Dead Cells: The Animated Series wil be made by Bobbypills, a French animation studio who are also currently producing the Far Cry series, Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix, for Netflix. The Dead Cells series will consist of 10, seven-minute episodes and is co-produced by French anime streaming service Animation Digital Network.

The series takes place on "a cursed island that has been racked by a strange plague," according to the trailer's YouTube description. "After the island’s foolish king develops a remedy that ends up turning the population into monstrous creatures, prophecies depicting a flame-headed hero who will kill the crazy King begin to appear. As it so happens, this beheaded hero is real, but saving a kingdom isn’t on his schedule and he just wants to be left alone."

Who knows how the animation style might differ in the full series, but Dead Cells' animated launch trailer is still a good time in 69 seconds, as is the trailer for the more recent Dead Cells: Return To Castlevania DLC. Dead Cells itself remains great, too, and several updates later is one of our picks for the best action games on PC.

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