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Grid returning to the starting grid with Grid

Parp parp!

Codemasters will whip the dust sheet off their Grid racing series in September with a new game named simply Grid (technically, 2008's series-starting game known commonly as Grid was Race Driver: Grid). It's been five years since, Grid: Autosport, the last game in their multidisciplinary racing series.

If you want to go parp parp now, hey, 2013's Grid 2 is free for keepsies on Steam for another few hours. QUICK!

"Grid strikes the perfect balance, offering risk and reward for every type of racer," Codies claimed in the announcement. "Handling is incredibly responsive with a learning curve that appeals to both casual arcade gamers through to the core simulation racers."

This will go down with GT cars, touring cars, stock cars, muscle cars... loadsa cars.

As they run through the list of features, Codies also say that not only will bashing people damage your car, knocking the same driver a load "will see them emerge as a nemesis who will stop at nothing to get their revenge in the race." Now THAT'S what I'm about. Bit of impromptu demolition derby should spice the ol' parp parp up nicely.

Grid is coming to Steam on September 13, priced at £45/€55/$60.

For that Grid 2 giveaway, hit Steam by 6pm tonight (10am Pacific) to register it to your account. HURRY! If you'd rather see where Codies left off, hey, Grid Autosport has an 80% discount right now too.

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