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New Temtem trailer shows off final island coming with 1.0 release in September

Several new kinds of battles are coming as the game exits early access

MMO creature battle 'em up Temtem has hatched some details on what to expect when it hits its 1.0 release next month. A new trailer gives details on the island known as "Tamer's Paradise," which hosts a bunch of challenges geared towards end-game players.

Tamer's Paradise has a lot of new battle types. First up is the Archtamers' Sanctum, a gauntlet that, like so much of Temtem, clearly pulls from its Pokémon inspiration. This time, think the Elite Four - you'll need to beat a series of "the best tamers in history" without losing to any of them.

Secondly, the island is also home to the Grit and Draft Arenas, a kind of endless mode for either your own Temtem team or the best you can assemble from a special randomised set. Thirdly (or fourthly, depending how you're counting), is a roguelite tower climb, in which you start with just one Temtem and explore a randomised skyscraper layout, gathering more Temtem and gear as you ascend.

Finally, there's the Digilair, a cooperative battle arena that rewards Temtem eggs for expanding your critter collection.

Speaking of critter collections, the Safari Zone - sorry, Temsafari - is a new area where wild Temtem roam in packs, looking for a fight. The Temsafari will get a weekly shakeup, and other weekly activities are also planned, although the video doesn't specify what they are. The same goes for the themed seasons that are apparently coming "every few months," although the opening season is called "launch party," appropriately enough.

A new shop is also opening for spending all those rewards you'll be getting in the new modes, offering battle resources as well as home decor.

A series of detailed posts made back in June gave some preliminary information on a lot of what showed up in today's trailer, although they did warn that things may be subject to change. One thing to note is that those posts explain that Tamer's Paradise's various battle systems are token-based, refreshing weekly unless you purchase more tokens with in-universe currency to play again. That's not mentioned in the more recent trailer one way or the other. Neither did it mention anything on the planned Battle Pass that was mentioned when the 1.0 release date was first announced.

I've heard many good things about Temtem, mostly via my fellow RPS freelance bud Cian Maher, who declared it the best Pokémon game in years back in 2020. With almost three years of early access under its belt and some moves from Pokémon in between, it'll be interesting to see whether it remains that way.

Temtem will leave early access on September 6th, and will be available on Steam and the Humble Games Store.

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