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Newsflash: Ubisoft Turn Off DRM Of Legend

Yes! We're receiving reports that Ubisoft hasn't simply dropped its fabled online authentication DRM from future releases, but has turned it off altogether. This Reddit thread shows screenshots of PC gamers playing both Assassin's Creed 2 and Splinter Cell: Conviction with no internet connection whatsoever following the latest patches. The only time you need an internet connection is now during installation [Edit- And each time you boot the game]. Presumably the excellent Settlers 7 will have received the same treatment [Edit- it hasn't. Not yet, anyway. Guh.] [Last Edit: Ubisoft has now confirmed the deliberate removal of DRM over at Shacknews.].

In case you came to this site off the back of a search for supplies for your rock-and-shotgun business, this DRM caused the single player games it was packaged with to politely save your game and quit themselves the moment you lost your connection to the Ubisoft servers, making them unplayable for gamers with unreliable internet connections, to say nothing of those with no internet connection at all.

Given that Ubisoft dropped the DRM from RUSE, this isn't quite the most surprising turn of events, but it's worth celebrating nonetheless. Who'll celebrate with me?

Take it away, Chromeo.

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