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Nine Inch Nails guitarist and Spec Ops: The Line creative director launch new game studio

They're working on a "cosmic horror" game

Today in "sentences I never thought I'd write", Nine Inch Nails guitarist Robin Finck and Spec Ops: The Line creative director Cory Davis have started a game studio. Eyes Out is an LA-based studio, and they're currently working on their first game, a "single-player immersive cosmic horror game with strong environmental storytelling elements". Why not?

While Finck is obviously well-known for being in the band Nine Inch Nails, this isn't his first foray into games. He previously worked on the score for No Code's space thriller Observation, as well as C3SK's spooky shooter NOCT.

Cover image for YouTube videoEYES OUT | Studio Announcement

This isn't Davis' horror debut either. Before getting involved with Spec Ops: The Line, he had worked on the spooky FEAR and Condemned games. More recently, he directed the 2016 PlayStation VR game Here They Lie. Truly, these lads seem pretty well-equipped to make their own scary game.

"When I was finishing up work on Here They Lie, Robin wandered into our studio and I felt a very strong connection to his open, creative view of existence, and the power of music," Davis said in a press release. "We instantly started working on some prototypes I had in development at the time and together we launched straight toward something unexpected."

According to the same press release, the Eyes Out team "is made up of passionate world-builders and storytellers who believe in the powerful synesthesia that emerges from music, narrative, and interactive experiences".

While we know they're making some sort of cosmic horror game, that's about all the detail we have for now. They say they'll have more info in "the months to come", but for the time being you can peruse their website (and apply for a job if you fancy).

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