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Ninja murderfest Shadowlings is now free, mandatory

Shogunna be fun

Ninja-themed spheremen stabbing simulator Shadowlings was one of my favourite games of 2018 (out of the, I will never stop pointing out, over 1300 games I played for Unknown Pleasures). It is now available for zero money. This means two things: one, the funnest tiddlywink-human-hybrid fighting game ever made can be yours in just a few clicks, and two, I am legally allowed to throw bags of peat at you if you don't play it.

"Although we see lots of great games here in the Pleasuredome, it’s not often that I find myself saying aloud 'This is brilliant!' while playing one. Shadowlings is ridiculously playable, and the raw satisfaction it offers is near irresistible" wrote cool genius Sin Vega back in August. She knows her stuff, that one.

"I want to share my creation with as much people as I can, so it's time to make game free to play for all," Andrey Petkevich of Games From The Deep said in the announcement.

"Great 'thank you' to all, who supported me and bought Shadowlings before. You are breathtaking!©"

No, you're etc. You can get it within mere moments on Steam.

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