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Nioh 2 devs are "actively working" on PC fixes

Updates are due in February and March

Nioh 2: The Complete Edition is a punishing action-RPG, but since it launched a few days ago, it's become clear it still has a few challenges to overcome itself. Players have reported frame rate drops even on high-end PCs, crashes on startup, as well as incorrect keyboard and mouse prompts.

Thankfully, the devs have announced they're on the case, with updates planned for February and March to fix these issues.

"We have heard your comments over the past few days about various issues found inside the game. We are taking all of your messages into account and are actively working on several updates planned to release during February and March to fix these issues." Koei Tecmo said. "The content of the upcoming updates include: several bug fixes, improvement of the performance of the game via the integration of DLSS, and the addition of keyboard & mouse prompts."

One of Nioh 2's main issues on PC right now is frame-rate drops. Players have reported frame-rate stutters and hitches during busy moments, even when running the game on rigs that far exceed the recommended specs.

And Nioh 2 touts keyboard and mouse support, yet all button prompts are controller-only. For a game that demands precise movements and complex combos during combat, it's a pretty glaring oversight.

Over on Nioh 2's subreddit, a PC bug thread has plenty of players reporting crashes on startup. Some get black screens the moment they boot the game up, while others report playing for at least a few hours, then suddenly not being able to play at all.

In the time I spent playing the game for my Nioh 2 review, I didn't experience any performance issues. The game ran smoothly, looked great, and made its already-excellent combat feel even crunchier. All the better if you enjoy looting too, as I reckon "One of the great joys of Nioh 2 is hoovering up all the shiny weapons and armour that plop to the floor when you beat yokai or crack open chests."

Still, with so many players reporting problems, and for a game that's meant to bring plenty of PC features, it simply isn't good enough. Having said this, at least the devs are working to fix them as soon as possible.

Here's hoping in the next month or so these issues are gone for good.

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