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No Man's Sky AMA Talks PC Release And FOV Options

Aiming for 6pm GMT Friday

No Man's Sky is out today in some territories for PlayStation 4, but us PC bods have to wait till Friday. There's probably contractual reasons for that, but Hello Games are apparently also "racing to get all the extra options and stuff" into the PC version. That's from a Reddit AMA that developer Sean Murray did late last night, which has information about PC release times, FOV sliders and more.

The AMA quickly became one of the most popular ever, and the comments were mostly celebratory: from Murray, who is obviously happy and relieved that the game he and his team have been working on for five years is finally coming out; and from the commenters, who are excited to finally be able to play the game and seem to genuinely appreciate No Man's Sky's ambition to be something new. It's quite a nice read.

There were a few tidbits of information about the PC release, too. Someone asked about the release date:

The reality is that we're still here working on it right now. There's no conspiracy, we're just racing to get all the extra options and stuff we want. PS4 comes out tomorrow and we'll just try to pretend it's a normal work day! Best guess right now is 6pm GMT on Friday, but we'll keep you up to date as we get closer.

Murray followed that up with an anecdote:

I'll tell you a funny story about PC. I was here late yesterday, and I had to take a break and do an interview with Playboy (!) - and the guy was like "what are you working on when you go back downstairs?" and I was like "compatibility for ATI opengl drivers", and he said "ummm.... could you make something up. That sounds pretty nerdy". I always knew I wasn't Playboy article material :)

Naturally, people asked about extra options would be available for the PC version, including the FOV slider. Credit to Murray for the response:

Innes and Charlie are here working on it right now, but every time someone asks we take away one degree of field of view

Which links to this image:

Strong. There's a whole lot more through on the full thread, linked above.

Disclosure: Our Alec did some writing for No Man's Sky. He won't be writing about it for us anymore.

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