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The Sound Of No Man's Sky With No Man's Voice

Eno'd be proud

Not entirely without voice admittedly, but unlike the vast majority of No Man's Sky [official site] footage out there, you only listen to someone's excited commentary before and after this five minutes of in-game planeteering. As well providing some answers to the whole "ok, but, er, what do you actually do?" question which has gently haunted Hello Games' procedural space exploration game, it's also a fine opportunity to admire the fine audio design. Sounds of strange new worlds, sounds of colossal technology, sounds of planetfall, sounds of alien life, sounds of the universe: ambient wonderland.

You could probably stick the galactic noises from this footage onto a disc, write Brian Eno on the front and get away with it. It's glorious. Looks quite nice, too.

Yes, many questions about exactly how we'll be spending our time are left unanswered, but it's pointing towards 'tooling around admiring stuff' and I'm more than happy with that. There are brief snippets of combat both on foot and in space, and of other craft doing things you may or may not approve of, there's evidence of currency and other resources, but really the star of the show is the audio. One of the things which makes Elite Dangerous so mesmerising is the sound of space, but in No Man's Sky we get the sounds of all these new worlds too. I guess I'm spending the rest of the day researching headphones.

Here's the clip, anyway. After the five minutes of 'clean' footage is over, narrator Cobra TV takes over and has a dig through what is and isn't know, and what might be gleaned from the video.

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