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New No Man's Sky Trailer Takes A Tour Of The Universe

Play with space deer

In an effort to get people amped up for No Man's Sky [official site], Hello Games are releasing four "Guides to the Galaxy". This week we were treated to a brief video showcasing exploration and all of the delights to be had therein.

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The trailer estimates that No Man's Sky will feature 18 quintillion planets with a "limitless variety" of biodiversity. Players will stumble upon worlds with vastly different ecosystems. In the latest video, players shuttle around the universe, uncovering some of these worlds and learning more about the beasts that inhabit them. The critters might be the best part. You can spot odd bi-pedal creatures with an alien, loping gait, be-tusked ice age reptile/mammal hybrids, and fuzzy deer that are just begging for snuggles.

All told, the trailer doesn't really give us a whole lot of new information about No Man's Sky. Hello Games are hesitant to go into a lot of detail, as usual. We might be able to glean a bit more in the next few guides, which feature trade, combat and survival. Our own Pip got a brief taste for the game's explore-y and survive-y bits a few months ago, in case you're itching to find out more.

No Man's Sky takes flight on August 9th in North America, the 10th in Europe, and the 12th in the UK.

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