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No Man's Sky is re-running all of this year's Expeditions

Starting this week on November 24th

No Man's Sky has expanded a huge amount beyond its original vision, and last year developers Hello Games introduced a new kind of seasonal update: Expeditions. These are time-limited activities with one-off awards, but although this year's fourth and final Expedition finished back in September, all of 2022's Expeditions are making a shortened, end-of-year return for anyone who missed them first time out.

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Eurogamer report that the expeditions will start their re-runs on November 24th. Each one will be available to play for a shorter time than it was originally - just two weeks. Here's when you can hop into your spaceship and try each of the four re-appearing Expeditions:

  • Expedition 5: Exobiology - November 24th until December 8th
  • Expedition 6: Blighted - December 8th until December 22nd
  • Expedition 7: Leviathan: December 22nd until January 5th
  • Expedition 8: Polestar: January 5th until January 18th.

Although these are timed content, the rewards you get for completing them are permanent and substantial. They range from Exobiology, which gave you a robot dog companion, to Polestar, which granted you a space jellyfish. (Blighted seems rather more underwhelming, in that it rewards players with a cape. A nice cape, but it's not a space jellyfish is it.)

Hello Games continue to regularly update No Man's Sky with hefty new features. Last month, the Waypoint 4.0 update added new ways to modify how you play, including custom game modes and dynamic difficulty. If you always fancied playing No Man's Sky but didn't like the binary choice between "pure creativity" and "immediately being murdered by gas" modes, you can now customise how survival and combat works with more granular options.

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